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Minimum Processing Time 24 Hours 3 Days
Visa Validity Upto 60 Days Upto 12 Months
Number of Entries Two Only Multiple Entries
Maximum Stay Upto 60 Days Upto 180 Days
Visa Cost From £84.95 (No Hidden Charges) From £156.83 (No Hidden Charges)
Travel Restriction Not valid for Andaman Islands Valid for whole of India
Other Restrictions Air and Cruise Travellers Only For all travellers
(e.g. by Air, Road or Cruise)

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arrow_right_20x20 Frequently Asked Questions

How soon do I need to apply for my India visa?
You can apply for your Indian visa as soon as you want. If you apply early, we will simply schedule your application to ensure that you have a valid India visa for your travel.
Do I have to post my passport?
You only need to post your passport for the regular India visa. For e-tourist visa to India, you can email us a copy of your passport and picture.
How long can I stay in India?
You can stay upto a maximum of 60 days on an e-tourist visa to India and upto 6 months on any other visa.
Does a child need a visa?
Yes, every person will require a separate Indian visa to travel to India.
Do I need a visa prior to booking my travel?
Although we recommend getting your Indian visa prior to booking your travel, it is not mandatory. We can get your India visa processed in very short time if your travel is already booked.

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